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About Us

David Kabbai
Founder & Breeder

David has been breeding and caring for alpacas for over 12 years.  After tolerating city life for far too long, he chose Alpacas as the ideal livestock for his dream ranch- both for their ease of maintenance and also because he could enjoy the animals without having to harvest their meat.


He is well versed in Camelid biology and medicine and works closely with our large animal vet to deliver the best care for our animals and those of our clients. 

Amy Alyeshmerni
Marketing & Fiber Arts

Amy joined David in his passion for these animals in 2011 and has since developed her own interest in the fiber arts- especially from our own Atlas Alpacas! 

Amy enjoys spinning the fiber into yarn, creating colors, imagining and dying color ways and hopes to someday master knitting and crocheting when she has more time (like everyone else...)

Amy didn't know she was an animal person until she met David.

Tika & Caleb
Co-Directors, Ranch Security

Tika has been the head of Ranch Security since 2006. She's loving and gentle with the tiniest creatures, but fierce and formidable when the situation warrants it.  We hired an assistant for her in 2014 named Caleb, who saunters like a cowboy, runs like a cheetah, and howls like a cross between a crying child and a broken air siren.


Nevertheless, the two of them have a system that works and we've never yet lost an animal to a predator.

Our Code of Ethics


To emphasize our commitment to our customers, we abide by the following Code of Ethics:


1. We will treat everyone who comes to us in our capacity as alpaca owners/breeders as we would want to be treated, with fairness and honesty.

2. We will willingly share our pertinent knowledge and experiences with prospective and new owner/breeders and will endeavor at all times either to provide factual answers to questions and concerns or refer them to someone who can.

3. We will refrain from doing anything that might adversely affect the business or reputation of our fellow owners/breeders and will not encourage others to do so.

4. We will at all times promote our own alpaca business in a positive way so as to bring credit to us, our business, our breeder's association, and our fellow owners/breeders.

5. We will make a full and complete disclosure of any facts known to us concerning every alpaca sold or leased by us.

6. We will stand behind any and all guarantees and assurances made to our clients, whether verbal or written.

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