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Whats in a name?
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After two decades of following the money, big city living, non-stop travel and fun on demand, the universe served up a life lesson- and gratefully I was open to accepting it. My baby sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and when I asked her how our lives would change once she was on the other side of treatment, she looked at me like I was crazy and told me that there was nothing she would change about her life.  Oddly, when I thought about it, I realized there was not much I would keep in my own life, had I been the one diagnosed.  Clearly I was doing it wrong.


I knew that I had set the wrong priorities… how could I be living such a disposable life? I took a beat and decided to evaluate opportunities for deeper value and more meaningful fulfillment. When I was set up on a blind date with David exactly one month after my sister finished her last treatment, I could tell right away that life with him would be about playing the long game.  It was a transition at first to give up immediate pleasures for future gains, but after ten+ years, I thank him every day for the beautiful life he has provided for me on our ranch with our animals.


I developed a passion for dying the yarn that is harvested from our alpacas and Long Game Fiber is the outgrowth of that interest. Since starting this adventure, I’ve been so fortunate to meet others who nurture their creative pursuits and inspire others to develop and explore their skills.  I hope to share the metaphoric euphoria of playing and winning the long game.

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